Title: “Music” Series No. 2 “Towards Silence” Homage to Morton Feldman

Oil on Canvas. 31 1/2” x 6 3/4”

During the 1960's I heard a piece of music by Morton Feldman, where he was concerned with the intervals between sounds, varied chords & formations of notes & contrasts of sound to near silence. I was very interested in these ideas and unusually for me this painting, based on this music was finished within a few days. This was the next stage on from "10 themes and variations". The varied relationships of complex chords, suspended within a void, the whole held cohesive by interval and placement. I attempted to create 2 "movements", contrasts of sound, and then towards silence as close harmony colour and close to visual legibility. The long shape of the painting, read left to right symbolising the development of time and space.